It’s My Life

It’s My Life

On the crossroads of Life I stand
Pondering which path I should take
And whatever choice I shall make
Won’t you be there to hold my hand?

Dad, you’ve carved a niche for yourself in your career
I’m proud to be known as your son
I know that you care for me, you truly do
Oh! But did it never cross your mind
That my happiness lies in testing untrodden waters
That I might be harboring a different dream?

I’m treading this road for your sake
I’m scared to stride on foreign land
Though I’m raring to take a stand
You feel ‘our’ honor is at stake?

Mom, my only wish is to make you happy
Deep in my heart I know I tried so much
In the eighteen years of my existence
Didn’t you both even once notice
the anguish and the pain in my eyes?
But today I know it’s time to make a choice

It’s my life and I want to live it my way
So I shall follow my dreams come what may!

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