It’s Worth the Wait

It’s Worth the Wait

The war thus came to an end. Lieutenant Pratyush Rathod laid back in the camp, shedding tears for those who passed on in the war. The global conflict that killed hundreds of soldiers, brought out a peace agreement. 

Soldiers across both sides have been injured as a result of bombings, blasts, weapons. There were cracked sidewalks, empty gun shells, and broken hearts everywhere. 

Pratyush put his hand in the duffel bag, lying under his bed in the military base camp and took out a wooden box tied with a pink ribbon. 

With silvery tears running down his cheeks, he opened the box and took out a photo and looked at the pile of perfectly preserved love letters, which he exchanged with the one in the photo, during these months of separation.

It was Nirupama singh, his wife who works as a doctor, in an Army Base hospital in New Delhi. He saw her for the first time in National Defence Academy.

She had a fair complexion, big brown eyes and her long curly hair that complimented her looks. Pratyush saw her and fell for her. It was ‘love at first sight’, that blossomed like monsoon flowers of pink and blue. 

It had been just a month that they got married, he left his newlywed bride for that the call of nation. 

He still remembers her, holding his hands tightly with tears in her eyes, and her words ‘Pratyush, please stay back for some more days’, still ring in his ears. 

Keeping his love alive like a flame and swimming in the emotions of separation, he moved on with a heavy heart.

Nirupama moved in front of his eyes as he looked at her letters. His memories what he wanted, seemed to transform, into a world of love and hope. It’s only her love, that saved him in his darkest hours.

He felt her warmth, in every ray of the sun, and he could hear her voice, calling him home in every beat of his heart. Her innocent smile, caught him just like a beautiful wildflower, blooming in its midst. 

Every move of the breeze caressed him with the musky perfume of her womanhood.

The long isolation is over now. ‘This is the pre-boarding announcement for flight I5713 AirAsia to Delhi International airport. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Thank you’. 

After what seemed like a lifetime at the airport, the feeling of returning home, to see Nirupama, moved him to the world of ecstasy, as he heard the announcement.

The days when he dreamt of her in solace, have ended. The days of their lives, when they can watch the sunrise until the sunset would begin soon. 

‘This is the final boarding call for passenger Pratyush Rathod booked on flight I5713 AirAsia to Delhi. Please proceed to gate 3 immediately’. 

Reeling back from his memories, Pratyush stood and walked towards Gate 3, telling himself that their love for each other is worth the wait.

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