Jab Jigar Met Sejal

Jab Jigar Met Sejal

“Nutties? You remembered!” Sejal jumped up with joy, pulling the packet from him. “Arey.. Sejal.. Calm down! Yes baba, since you hate flying, just something to keep you happy.” Jigar smiled.

She hugged him at the entry gate of the airport. “Call me when you land.” he told softly in her ears, pulling back slowly. “See you in 3 days.” She replied with a smile, leaning in for a quick kiss before getting in the airport.

As she stood in the line for security check in, thoughts of their first encounter made her smile. It was destiny, she was convinced. Why else would she dial a wrong number even though her friend called out the right digits and it would connect to him of all people? She handed the security staff her boarding pass and the conversation played in her head as if it happened yesterday.

“Why can’t you just dump him? He’s such a loser ya!” she was yelling at Priya, her roommate and best friend. “I- I love him.” Priya replied feebly. Soon Sejal was dialing Mohit’s number on Priya’s request to give him a piece of her mind for two-timing her friend. 

“No buts! You better get your ass here right at this moment and apologize to her!” howled Sejal. “Okay. Fine. I will come. But madam, can I at least finish my coffee before I come there as I am, in my boxers, and apologize to Priya for whatever this Mohit has wronged her for?” came Jigar’s amused voice.

Finally seated in the flight, a small chuckle escaped her lips. She was so rude and he had laughed it off so easily. Even Priya was laughing at their serendipitous phone call. The one call had resulted in endless texting and meme sharing. Within a week she realized it was difficult to go through the whole day and not speak to him even once. And here they were today, finally going to disclose to their families about the affair. As the flight took off, she felt slightly uneasy but decided to sleep it off.

Back at the airport, he had called her immediately, “Yes. It was mixed in the nutties. I gave her 2-3 to be sure. She will pass away on the flight itself. Mr. Patel will now directly receive her dead body. Just as our mother received father’s.” his voice bore no sign of guilt or pain. On the other end, Priya cut the call and sat on the hostel bed, taking in a deep breath. Today they had finally avenged their father. Even if she had to betray the girl’s trust for it, it was all Karma. To be born in the family who had killed their father. By noon, news channels will be filled with stories of business tycoon JV Patel’s daughter’s sudden death. Killed by the secret lover. No one knows who, not even the best friend! Just as he had made it look, with their father.

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