Jettisoned Destiny

Jettisoned Destiny

There was panic at Azad Nagar subway station. A trunk had been found abandoned on the tracks, in the wee hours of the morning. An alert commuter had spotted an old trunk and alerted the security. The station had to be cordoned off till police arrived with the bomb disposal squad.

Rehan called Fiza, “I’ve left it on the tracks and I am leaving the city for good. Do not try to contact me ever again.” 

“ I do not have the slightest intention of doing that. Good riddance for me too,” she slammed the phone.

“What is taking the police so long,” rued the manager of the Metro. “Can you imagine the chaos that is going to ensue. It’s not like any ordinary place, it’s Mumbai.

“Yes!” said his security in charge, “ and that is why we cannot remove that deserted trunk by ourselves, we have no choice but to wait for the bomb disposal squad.

Fiza was still weak, but she needed to get out of that cheap Motel she was in. It was nauseating and she couldn’t stay there a minute longer. She had delivered the trunk late at night as was planned, but she had checked into this nondescript Motel two days prior. Rehan had found and booked it for her, but had refused to be present himself, though he promised to take the trunk to its final destination.

Coming to Mumbai had been a dream come true for Fiza. She had run to the land of her dreams, after she landed a few modeling assignments in her hometown, without informing  her family and had carried along all their money too. Once that money was spent she had to fend for herself working any odd jobs she could find to maintain her lifestyle, modeling did not seem to be happening for her.

 Rehan on the other hand had an easy lifestyle, getting everything he ever lay his hands on. Exceptionally good looking and suave, he never showed interest in studies and spent most of his time on streets avoiding people. It was rumored that his opulent lifestyle was the outcome of his connection with the underworld. 

He had met Fiza at the place she worked and began frequenting it. Fiza was attracted to his extravagant lifestyle and she believed his connections may help her career. He found  her very practical  and her devil may care attitude suited his purpose. Both wanted to be in a relationship without any emotional baggage.

The bomb disposal squad arrived at 8 am. The dogs began to sniff it, the metal detectors were put into action and it was quickly concluded that the trunk did not pose any danger. They lifted the trunk off the track and signaled for the normal resumption of traffic. The trunk was brought to the security office to be opened and examination of its contents. As it was opened, to everyone’s  horror they found a new born child wrapped in newspapers, barely breathing. 
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5 thoughts on “Jettisoned Destiny

  1. Oops. .. How they threw the kid to make their lives lighter. .but the guilt would be heavy for them. ..
    Nice 👍👏

  2. So many infants sadly suffer this fate…
    This child was at least saved.

    Now understood why Fiza was weak- after childbirth.
    Well expressed, Deepika.

  3. This story has everything- fragmented ambition, inconclusive relationships, apathy , suspense and lastly the shock factor. Yet so relatable, be it the unclaimed trunk or the dreams of shining in the bling world.
    Enjoyed it!

  4. How poignant is this. It had me tearing up. The twist was unexpected. I hope the child survives , gets adopted and gets all the love it deserves in this world !!

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