Journey of the Strong

Journey of the Strong

There! Your silence seems too ominous and dark.

You need to speak to seek the glorious light,

You must break free and admire the world as it is

Than closing the doors of self in neglect and disdain.

Learn to hear the soothing whispers of a shy wind

To mellow down the raging storm within yourself.

Be like the brave sun that never sulks behind the clouds

Never caresses its cowardice, spreads cheer around.

Come! Walk under God’s umbrella, on untrodden paths

And not lie listless in the comfort of the beaten tracks.

You are cold behind the closed doors of your heart,

Open them to beseeching love, eager to spread the warmth.

Weak are those who see life as a straight track,

The journey of the strong is always a bumpy ride!


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