Joy on the wings of hope

Joy on the wings of hope

It floats heavenward
on a zephyr of my hope;
plucking at the tuft
of pristine cottony cloud,
it flits and flies, rising up.

It is joy, unbound
of my gay spirited laugh;
on the wings of dreams
it gains momentum to rise
and ascends towards the sky.

From the sylvan glade
i spy this play of my dreams.
A needed vista.
My heart burgeoning with love,
I am gleeful, euphoric.

Such is the beauty
when hope and joy confluence.
Happiness transcends,
a rosy glow permeates;
life holds a deeper meaning.


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One thought on “Joy on the wings of hope

  1. Just no words to describe it dear…a confluence of to emotions.. i can only admire how you guys just keep writing every poem and prose with such deep intense feelings…awesome

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