Joys of Charity

Joys of Charity

The word charity itself sounds melodious
Think, who does it, how much he will be happier
Charity is not only giving alms to poor
It can done in so many ways to cheer

If you’re following an ethical pathway
You are leaving others right in earning their bread and butter
If you’re fair in judgement, your inner power excels
If you’re sharing your food
You are fulfilling one’s hunger
Sharing of space,motivates your relationship
Providing clothes to  the needy fills your cup of happiness

Guiding an ignorant ,opens many paths for you too
Serving an ill resemble to serving humanity
The joys of Charity are unbound
They doesn’t have any sound
They satisfy our spiritual needs
Which is the food of our soul
Do charity in whatever way you can
Either financially, physically, mentally Or emotionally in the way you can.
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