Kali’s Comeback

Kali’s Comeback

“The daily reports of rapes, harassments, molestations have become unendurable. Is it time for a new avatar to arrive and save us?”

“No chance! Even our Gods have closed their ears and eyes.”

I simply listened to the discussion. Aghast! I was just thinking,

“Can’t we do something to bring a change? Why do we need to trouble the Gods with our every problem? Sometimes we too can protect ourselves.”

Anyway, the conversation over chai ke payala in the morning was over. People began their chores. I, too, hurried to make the children ready for the school.

“Mamma, as promised you will take us to the fair in the evening.” They scurried off towards their school bus.

Evening arrived. We went to the fair. Stalls, ferry’s wheel, small plays and complete enjoyment. While the children were relishing the many rides I was passing by the stalls.

And, then the masks in one particular stall made me pause. No, not all of them, but one in particular. The mask of Kali, the fierce Goddess, literally pulled me towards it. I didn’t know why but I bought it and kept it in my purse.

The lane had become dark. The children had entered. I was the last one about to enter. And, then, this happened.

As usual, the dark street and a lonely lady always have a magnetic pull! Yes, few rowdies appeared from nowhere. It seemed they had been following us from our exit from the fair or may be even inside it. If it was not me they would have surely pounced upon me.

They broke the streetlight. It became dark. They couldn’t see my face. For the first time, I didn’t feel frightened. Instead, an idea came upon me. I wore the mask and confidently walked towards them.

It was their turn to get startled. Whether Kali or Durga it didn’t matter. I was alone among four or five of them. Hence, the surprise lasted only for a few seconds.

They circled me and gradually moved closer to me. However, I came too heavy for them. No, no not for my weight but for my fighting skills! I had been a movie buff, especially south Indian movies. Their concept, idea and fight scenes – I had gulped them down all. Now it was the right time to vomit them!

One punch in one’s stomach, one on the face and one kick between the legs. Thanks to our broken and ill-maintained roads, I easily got hand of weapons like stones – big and small. That moment, forget about Kali or Durga, I vented all my suppressed frustrations on them in every way I could make it.

The next morning, this news was welcomed by all. 

“So, it is Kali’s new avtar” my dadima queried.

From that day onwards killing of hooligans became a new trend in our locality. Even the girls themselves began to take the charge. If kali can why can’t I? Soon this will become viral. What do you think?


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