Kitty Party at My Place

Hey! Hi! Hello!
Sona, Mona, Shelly and respected Ms.Demello.
Kitty party’s at my place,
The theme marked is colour yellow.

Spruce up to beano, swathe in yellow embrace,
Baubles, Blooms, Shimmers and Sandals in blonde lace.
We’ll be giggling lots, playing fun games,
Hula hoop antics, and Bingo over yellow smiley face.

To calm your nerves, it’s safe to say Ms James,
There’s frozen lemonade, and pepper-dip of great fame.
For scallops of lemon cake in acrylic jar,
Go glut! Your taste buds would claim.

You all would be fetched in my Yellow WAGON-R,
Beatific, Blithesome ladies, ushered in with a chocolate bar.
The party we’ll make amber and gay,
The gleam freshly borrowed from the nearest star.
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Shweta Agarwal

Shweta Agarwal is a trained and experienced science teacher. During her teaching days she experienced a brief stint as an editor of a reputed Publishing house. The enigma of words has since captured her, and she now freelances as a blogger and writer. She has authored a mystery novella ‘Why should I be Good?’

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