Knight’s Return

Knight’s Return

Cold was air when he left
Leaving her lone, bereft
With pinning sweet and long
Ere he galloped furlong
Tears trickled from her eyes

Praying she looked at skies.

Six seasons had gone by
Making the green land dry.

On sixth juncture, sixth moon
On highway was platoon.
Homeward was the Knight bound
Riding with wind on ground.

Clock struck six, she ran out.
Her heart clouded with doubt.
‘My Knight, return safely!’
Stories wafted gravely
Of the clash of kingdoms
Cavalry raged fearsome.

The sound came fluttering
Twinkling and glittering 
From cerulean sky
Where dandelions fly
Boarded on Zephyrs back
Swishing forsaken lack.

Transforming all corners
Saluted with honour.
Whizzing and whirling air,
Accruing in prayer
It settled on lips tight
When she saw her brave Knight.

Magic was in the air
Winning trumpets did blare.
Lady was enraptured
With memories captured.

In her Knights arm she was 
After he won applause.

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