Lament for Lost Friends

Lament for Lost Friends

Listen, can you hear it-
The deafening silence
That engulfs the forest-
Where are the denizens
My furry-footed companions
Whom my heart fondly recalls?

Look up, do you see it-
A baffling quietude
That fills the barren sky-
Where have its flyers gone
My velvet-winged comrades
Whose absence aches my soul?

Have they chosen to flee
The cruelty of mankind
Whose unmatched apathy
Extends even to their own kind
Or were they all banished
By the same callousness?

I know not what befell them
My hopes of meeting them once more
Are gone; my heart is sad and cold,
And my soul is shattered by the thought
That life, ancient like the eternal stars
So grand and so mysterious
Will never be the same again.
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