Lament of an Aborted Child

Lament of an Aborted Child

Mama! Mama! Please tell me why
Every night at twelve sharp you grieved
My presence often made you peeved
Weren’t you keen to hear my first cry?

You loathed me like I was some pest, noxious
Nibbling on your happiness, bit by bit
You labelled me “Jinx”, “Eyesore”
All I wanted was to happily lay
In the feathery cocoon of your nest
Why did you treat me like your nightmare, grim?

Mama! Why do I feel deceived?
Hearing you bitterly weep, sigh
Ardently wishing that I die
Firsts were always spesh, I believed

You let them drag me out of your womb
Before I could feel your warmth, suck your nipple
Those villains separated you and me
Yet you didn’t have an ounce of regret
When Dad threw my carcass in that gutter, mucky
Blaming my chromosome pair, XX

Mama! You’ve a protruded belly again, wow!
Dastardly fate of mine, hope it doesn’t inherit somehow.
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