Land of Dreams

I wait for night to come here,
This place isn’t far or near.
I stay there for just a while,
But it feels as long as the Nile.
This land is full of joy and fear.

Here a tree can grow in a day,
Inside a leaf or light you can stay.
A war could be going on,
A house can be built by dawn.
You can walk from here to Russia, and reach a month before May.

Can you guess what this place is?
It’s a place you cannot miss.
We all go there at night,
And arrive back by light.
There usually everything is bliss.

Dreamland is the place I’m saying,
You can get in without paying.
Full of nightmares, good dreams too.
I love this place, how ’bout you?
Dreamland is a place worth staying.


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Saanvi Dewan

She is a budding writer, poet and artist, all of 9 years. She is a dreamer and a firm believer that everything in this world is beautiful. She loves nature and wants to save mother earth from all the wrong that we have done. She loves to talk and very sensitive. Whatever she can’t express in words comes out in the form of poems and stories.
Saanvi Dewan

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