Last Day in the Lap of Nature

Last Day in the Lap of Nature

The day had finally arrived. Despite a month’s battle with the asteroids, the whole world stood helpless in front of the natural forces. 

The world would come to an end in another 24 hours. The news had spread very fast. 

Everyone panicked, screamed, cried frantically trying to search for ways and means to survive. 

Whatever the reason, the fact remained that, we all had only one day left to live on this planet. 

‘Zoom Zoom, Woosh Woosh’ noises on the roads and in the air too.

People in Wellington, the place where I lived, had hightailed it off to various places for safety despite knowing nothing would work.

I sat in my bedroom hearing the news on radio. Loneliness had been my friend since my childhood. Being an orphan and being visually impaired, had been a boon to me at times. 

‘Screech Screech’, the noises of the vehicles on the streets clogged the roadways. 

The howls of the injured and the enraged were deafening. 

Everything seemed different when I thought of tomorrow. 

The only ones that came to my mind were the two golden fish in my little aquarium, my parrot Sunshine, and my only friend Noel. 

As I was lost in my thoughts, the phone rang. It was Noel, on the other side.

‘Harry, have you heard the news on the radio? We are moving to Auckland. Will pick you up. Pack your stuff”, he said anxiously.

I just took my companions, a bottle of lemonade and some left-over bread and left. I requested Noel to stop me near Wellington Hills. 

I wanted to spend my last day in solitude. Though he did not like my idea, he had no other choice.

The place was serene. There was every hue ranging from the new spring grass to the deep forest pools.

In that strong light of the day, nature kissed me like a mother. 

The little streams beside gurgled as they traveled along the bed, bubbling over rocks and branches. 

I dropped the fish into the flowing stream. 

‘Splash Splash’, they jumped and moved on bidding a farewell to me.

I kissed my birdie, for one last time and freed it. It squawked around me for a while, flapping its wings and flew away.

‘Swishhh’, the leaves rustled, as the branches swayed. I walked in that beauty and bathed in the perfume. 

We never know what we meet, when wandering around in nature. I captured every moment.

I could hear the buzzing of the bee near its hive and the chattering of the squirrels spiraling around the trees.

 I was engrossed, absorbed and in a trance. 

After sipping the lemonade and having the last piece of bread, I rested under the shade of the trees as the breeze coaxed a gentle psithurism. 

The day had almost come to an end. I never had any feeling of missing anything in life. Rewinding my life once again, I closed my eyes listening to the lullaby of the nature awaiting the end.


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