Lemon Tang

Lemon Tang

Walking through the farm along the fences,
Sweet smell of yellow citrus assails my senses,
I look around to find you hidden in the bush,
My love story with you again commences.

I rush to my humble abode and quickly push,
The pots and pans out of my way, oh shush;
My mind relives memories of the past,
A child I was, sitting at the dinner table on my tush.

Tossing and tasting, I am now having a blast,
Mummy’s secret recipe coming together at last,
My taste buds await the burst of the tang,
I plead to the flames, hurry up, please cook fast!

It’s ready to be served, I see my family gang,
Dinner plates and forks, how they clatter and clang,
The first mouthful is all it takes to win my heart,
Oh dear lemon, you are back with a bang!
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