Let’s be together, once again

Let’s be together, once again

The love that was between us,
Where has it gone?
The bond that was a bless,
Why isn’t it still on?

Do you remember the days?
You waited for me for hours.
Do you remember the ways?
You made me happy with those lovely flowers.

Now, tears come and go,
You don’t even stare.
My life has become dull and slow,
You don’t even care.

Can’t those beautiful night and day
Come back once again?
If we are together, come what may
Will not matter, whether joy or pain.

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One thought on “Let’s be together, once again

  1. A bittersweet poem that conveys great emotions of what the poetess has experienced in a relationship. If not marred by certain composition and grammatical errors, this would easily become a winning poem. Words like bless (blessing) and stare (look is more appropriate word since one cannot stare without looking and in that line ‘look’ would have made the message clearer) appeared forced in order to get the rhyming pattern done. Overall, it’s a lovely poem. Looking forward to reading more of your poems in the future.

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