Life Goes On

Life Goes On

Life moves everyday
That’s what people say
We are going on the train
Carrying with us all pain
And it went up the hill 
Leaving back voids to fill

After roaming for long
And the pain did prolong
Met few people my size
Living a life of lies
Some dreams are week away
Some buried under clay

And I see the stars shine
As I sit down to dine
God indeed has his way
Have a dream he did say
By yellow candlelight
I had to make things right

All dreams are trapped in Zoo
It’s time to act I knew
Make up your mind dear friend
This route will never end
Make a vow and get down
It’s fine to be a clown

Get down, feel the seasons
There are many reasons
Take a nap, read a book
Breathe free release the hook
Many more things to see
Good things are always free

Dreams and I gently met
I feel free of all debt
Today I felt my tears
I called out to my peers
Come, feel the sun and light
Stop by and take a bite

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