Life is a Play    

Life is a Play    

“So how do you want your hair today Mrs Jonas?”asked Lisa

“Well a puffed hairstyle for my elite night today!” 

Lisa had succeeded her mother who was the previous owner of Fairy Cut Salon. She went to do a course to ace up her hairdressing skills and renovated the parlour which became the most high-end one in Splishtown.

She placed a hairdressing cape around her client. 

“Oh I got to make a phone call first!”blurted Mr Jonas. She dialed in a number and waited,

“Hello Miss Daliah, so am assuming my daughter is selected for the lead role in the upcoming play right?” 

Lisa’s ears perked up. 

“What do you mean by forgetting lines? May I remind you, if my Clara isn’t selected, I will forget about the sponsorship we agreed upon!” 

Lisa sprayed the lady’s curls, the spluttered water droplets didn’t disturb her chain of thoughts while she proceeded to brush her hair 

“So your daughter is participating in a drama?”she asked.

“Yes and she will be casted as Juliet!”

* * * 

Well, thou hast comforted me marvellous much.
Go in: and tell my lady I am gone,
Having displeased my father, to Laurence’ cell,
To make confession and to be absolved. 

Marry, I will; and this is wisely done. 

A thundering applause punctuated Maria’s audition for Juliet’s role.


“Mom! I got selected!”

“Oh congrats my dear Maria!”exclaimed Lisa beaming. 

“Clara Jonas seemed sure to get the part but something happened last minute, she got a dispute with her mum I guess! 

“Oh we dont have to think about that dear…”, She said wistfully thinking about her conversation at the parlour earlier that day…

“So your daughter is participating in a drama?”

“Yes she will be cast as Juliet.” 

“Ohh I loved doing plays too, I also played Juliet in  highschool. Was so inspired by the role, I took up literature dreaming of being a renowned author.” 


“Well after being a failed author, I lapsed into depression for few years. My daughter expressed her interest in drama too, I stopped her right then. I will be enrolling her in the upcoming beauty pageant soon!” 

Mrs Jonas’s face fell. 

“I assume your daughter must be a beauty too. Why don’t you enrol her in the beauty pageant instead? The deadline is tomorrow!”

Jonas nodded dreamy-eyed. She yanked her phone and dashed out of the parlour 

She could hear her hollering on the phone:

“I don’t want my daughter to take part in some sketchy skit! Yes ignore whatever I said,I dont want Clara in the play! Am I clear?” 

“Lisa the pageant is for adults!” her colleague interjected, “Why did you tell her to enroll her daughter? Clara Jonas is only fifteen, same age as your Maria!”

“Oh really, I had no idea!” replied Lisa feigning ignorance.

Lisa smiled…now my daughter can play her character, she thought smilingly; I wouldn’t let favoritism ruin my child’s dream, even if I had to lie for it!


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