Life Moves On

Life Moves On

It was a dark night. The raindrops tapped on the window pane. Riya paced up and down in her room clutching her book. The fiery thoughts in her mind resembled the lightning and thunder outside. “How could this happen to me?”


Riya cycled through the dusty road in the scorching heat of May. The Sun blazed overhead like a wide oven. She swiftly pedalled past the vegetable vendor sleeping on his pushcart. The shade of the tree by the sidewalk provided him with enough coolness to get a quick nap. Riya adjusted her blue scarf overhead.

Riya was charged up after the book reading session at the Literature club in her college. One of her favourite authors had consented to be present for the session. The lively discussion that followed brought forth many contemporary issues and also enlightened the participants on literary forms. Riya felt exulted as she could exchange some ideas with the celebrated author. Riya’s literary interest had culminated into a few poems and stories. Her next goal was to write a book.

“Argh! This summer heat”, Riya muttered angrily. The black spots before her eyes made her cycle wobble as she lost control. A few pedals ahead, Riya stumbled off the cycle. Her scarf slipped over her face and her reading book popped out of her sling bag.

Next Riya knew that she lay on a hospital bed. She blinked as the blurred faces became clear. She saw her parents, Shruti-her closest friend and a tall figure, who she later came to know, is Dr Aditya.

“Will I live to see Diwali “, Riya asked Dr Aditya, as he told her that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The young doctor smiled and held her hand with assurance. 


Riya transformed from a vivacious, sprightly girl to a gloomy, dispirited person. She felt like dying soul dragging her through a road with no hopes of recovery. But there was abundant love around her which revived the self-love in her. The treacherous illness was no longer threatening. Riya found joyousness around her. Shruti updated her on college activities, friends and also brought books and newspapers for her.

The hospital ceilings did not appear so humdrum to Riya. She found a new friend in Dr Aditya’s wife, Pallavi, who visited Riya. Pallavi was a qualified counsellor. She organised group sessions for the cancer patients, other than the one on one conversation that she had with them. The charming lady won over Riya in no time. They soon got discussing many topics on the planet. After knowing her love for books and writing she motivated her to start a blog. Riya shared her thoughts and feelings on her blog. The viewership increased by the day. Riya soon had many followers, rather companions who shared and related to her feelings. Life once again smiled at Riya.

On the first day of Diwali, Riya woke up early. Her mother had prepared Utna, for the special bath. Riya smiled as she enjoyed the Diwali delicacies with her family. The soft blue scarf caressed her sparse hair and her eyes twinkled ushering in the Festival of Lights.
“Life moves on and so should we”
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