Life Of A Logophile

Life Of A Logophile

Wondrous shibboleths fascinate me.
When they cascade over my restive mind.
Wistful verses set my ensnared thoughts free.
Words are my elixir; they help me unwind.

Omniscient is a logophile’s world they say.
Of course I concur; can’t agree more.
Ornately penned thoughts, in my unique way.
Optimistic paens that touch the reader’s core.

Meaningful words, a panacea for my pain.
Mollifying, like a reassuring balm.
Magical lyrics are like a shower of rain.
Mystical verses feel like a seraphic psalm.

Enchanting moments of my logophilic world.
Enthralling me with their hypnotic bond.
Everlasting will be my amour with words.
Evermore it shall last, forever and beyond.
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