Life These Days

It’s easy to talk,
then it’s to walk that same talk,
as it’s easy said
then to perform that same act.
Hence, the life’s reality

Life’s rollercoaster,
full of various ups, downs,
stops at joy, sorrow,
laughter, happiness, pride, proud,
failure, success of all sorts.

With uncertainty
at each, every cornerstone.
One’s joy other’s fear.
Bonds, beloved mostly kept
till they are of benefits.

Money is the king,
the source of merrymaking,
Trust, honesty, love
acts like these only belongs
to era eons ago.

Living by beliefs
considered an act of fool,
being practical
is preferred by everyone
as logics are in the trend.


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Madhu Sudan (Er Shine)

Madhu Sudan is an engineer by profession with a passion for writing and sharing her thoughts through pen and paper. She is also a researcher and nature loving person.

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One Thought to “Life These Days”

  1. I had already commented on your poem… its intense with emotions….great…few minor flaws which I found had already mentioned on the page…

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