Light a Lamp of Dreams

Light a Lamp of Dreams

Light a tiny lamp of dreams, let it always glow,
Shield it from the raging, whirling, storms within that blow.
Let it guide you, let it shine, lead you on the path right,
In the darkness, let it be that beacon you follow.

When the hazy fog of doubt clouds your clear sight,
Pump the flame with fuel of passion, keep it burning bright.
When the gloom of dark despair makes you shed a tear,
Remember, a new day follows the darkest hour of the night.

When the world says you can’t, discouragement is all you hear,
Don’t you let go of your dreams, keep your vision clear.
When obstacles block your path, don’t  ever slump and sigh,
Keep walking in the light, conquer every fear.

When destination seems far away, the climb uphill, too high,
Perseverance and belief will give you wings to fly.
Your guiding flame will shine along till you reach your goal
Keep it burning forever, don’t let the fire die.
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