Live your dreams

Live your dreams

Life is short,
So let your dreams be high,
Don’t back out,
Strive hard to touch the sky!

Pull up your sleeve,
Don’t let the spirit die,
You have no time to grieve,
There’s miles to fly!

 The times may be tough,
Put up a brave fight,
Only at the end of a storm rough,
The light shines bright!

Sweet is the taste,
Of the dream, well achieved,
It never shall go waste,
If you toil, on what you believed!

Anjali M Naik
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One thought on “Live your dreams

  1. A superlative poem. Short, succinct and simple! Inspiring, packed with motivation and positivity. You have perfectly demonstrated the art of writing a lucid and impressive rhyme. The true test of a great poem is its ability to be read any number of times and still create a feeling of freshness and exhilaration. Your little poem passes that test. Also, every stanza is memorable. One reading and the readers would know it’s a well-written piece. Well done!

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