Lockdown Rain

Lockdown Rain

And it was the first time,
That the RAINDROPS fell with pure joy,
They danced and sang their hearts out,
As they bid goodbye to their birthing cloud.

No longer did the darkness loom below,
No longer did they fear being sucked into a blinding hole,
No longer would they get charred on course,
No disfiguring acid attacks to endure.

No more of disappearing in the suffocating smoke,
No more of pungent smells that made them choke,
No more of  drifting through the pain,
As their earthly friends cried out in vain.

Now , they giggled as they were set free,
One by one they jumped down in glee,
Shivering in anticipated ecstasy,
Of an undeniably pleasant journey.

How they caressed the leaves on each tree,
Now that the foliage was venom free,
How they quenched the earth’s thirst,
Seeping into her throat without getting burnt.

The  flowers gave them a standing ovation,
As they bloomed in obvious adoration,
Gracefully the peacocks waltzed in unison,
Their hearts no longer spoke of treason.

They mingled with the now flawless rivers,
Crystal rapids cascading down stairs,
You could hear them whistle in rhythm,
As they celebrated a long awaited triumph.

Exhausted by their exhilarating adventure, 
As they settled into a cozy slumber,
Their happiness knew no bounds,
Adding a sparkle to everything around.

The forests gleamed in delight,
The waters mirrored a splendid sight ,
As the generous earth sighed in relief.
And forgave those who caused her grief.
She smiled at the laughing droplets tickled by the peeping rays of the sun,
And smeared a string of colours across the horizon!!!

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