Long Ago and Far Away

I sat alone by the bay
Watching the waves at play
The seagulls were calling
The sun was falling
Like long ago and far away

The night was young and gay
All the stars were on display
And I was dreaming
The world was seeming
Like long ago and far away

There were lights on the quay
Shimmering like sea spray
A comet was drifting
The foam was lifting
Like long ago and far away

Darkness merged into day
Under the magic spell of a fay
The dawn was singing
The air was ringing
Just like long ago and far away.


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Beryl Zephyr

An occasional writer but a regular thinker, Beryl sometimes fiddles in speculative fiction. He sees both humour and tragedy in everyday events and is extremely concerned with the fate of other creatures trapped in the monstrous march of 21st-century human civilization.

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