Long Distance Love

Long Distance Love

Love is seamless and kind. You never know when and how, you develop a sense of affection towards the other person. Be it your family or friends or your life partners, love happens eventually. 

You meet someone, you develop a liking and you befriend them. The aura, the nature and the expressions of the person leads you to take a step forward, that is friendship. It’s a relationship beyond love. 

Friendship is the most beautiful bond that two people share. It’s supported with care, joy, happiness and love. Sometimes, it’s taken wrong by society. The real truth is that friendship is the base of every relationship that prevails in society. But, few people refuse to believe it. And that’s what makes this pious bond vulnerable at times. 

But there is a soul who believes that friendship is the most pious bond. Friends are our chosen family. She believes that friendship is a heartfelt relationship. If the hearts connection is strong, the friendship goes beyond love. She discovered this fact when she was on the downpath in her life. 

She’s Ruhi, a girl who believes more in herself. Her life has not been a cakewalk. She has  faced many difficulties, that’s life, she knows and she believes it. But there are times in your life when you imagine a few things and you wish your imagination to come true. Same thing happened with Ruhi, and that’s when she experienced the most beautiful bond of love, that is, Friendship. 

Friendship is not accustomed to prevail between the people who are around you. The people who live  near to you may be the farthest from you when they are needed. This may not be true in many cases, but she believes it to be true. People around her laughed at her because they believed that she’s wasting time hopping around the internet or spending time reading books. But that’s what gave her a passion to write and earn some beautiful people. 

Friendship happens by chance, it’s a true fact. Ruhi believes so, and it happened when she began reading stories on a website. It came as a surprise and she developed an interest in reading stories. There are things and facts that are beyond our imagination and finding about them leaves us amused. Ruhi didn’t think that her interest in reading would earn her some lifelong relationships. But, it did. 

On one hand, she was fearful to make new friends, the reason being, she didn’t know their reality. Several doubts arose in her mind. She thought that the social handles could be fake and she’d be hurt. But she cleared her doubts  off and began a new relationship with her new friends. She believes that risks have to be taken to lead a life you wish to, and she took a step ahead. Maybe, She didn’t imagine that the people she’s befriending will be her support one day. And it really happened, she was extremely elated. 

As they say, Friendship is the base of every relationship. A friend plays the role of your parents, friend, siblings and much more. It’s true, “A true Friend is the biggest treasure that a person can have in their life.” 

Ruhi started believing the same because of her two best friends. These three are friends since their primary school and are still sharing the same pious bond. They are now far away from each other but the love is still intact. They still look upon each other and Ruhi tags them as he rbest people, because she knows her two friends will  always be there whenever she will need them.

As time passed, Ruhi earned many  new friends through the social sites where she began writing. It was a blessing indeed. She felt becoming special to her friends. On one hand, when her real life friend accused her for not giving her time, she realised, it was her who used to catch up with her friend. Now, when she got some new friends and she began talking and bonding with her new friends, her realistic friends started blaming her. They didn’t see her effort to maintain the relationship,instead accused her. It hurt her and it was then, when she bonded with one of her online friends, who said that it’s her friend’s fault, and that Ruhi should not  worry about them. It’s her friend’s fault that she didn’t take care and as a result the friendship was ruined. 

This is true in many cases, Ruhi thought. You cannot clap with one hand. You need to clasp both hands. Similarly, in a relationship, both the persons need to look after each other and have to make the relationship work. Only one person cannot take the lead in a relationship. Be it a relationship with your near ones or the ones far away from you, it works only when two people are dedicated in the relationship. You cannot think that the other person will initiate chats or hugs or anything else, and you’d not do anything and this mentality can be heinous. Be it love or friendship, it’ll work only when both the persons would like to invest their time and heart in it.

Ruhi learnt this real fact when her passion for reading led her into writing and  some amazing relationships. After reading and interacting on the websites, she took a step ahead and connected with them on Facebook and other social media. They connected, took a look at each other and with time, their bond deepened and she was happy to connect to people from different parts of the world. It was exciting, and Ruhi believes that it also graced her the power to undergo her boring life at the college. She knew her friends would be available whenever she will need them. They not only discussed what they read and write about, they literally discussed life when they chatted. Ruhi was thrilled to know that there are people like her, who believe in kindness and selfless love. There was a  moment, when she felt about how these people would treat her, but they turned out to be blessings in her life. 

They share such a bond where one’s sadness makes the other one sad. They are not together yet altogether. They are always available and that makes Ruhi, a little more confident about herself. She believes that has someone to look upon and she knows that they will always be  there for her and will support her. Friendship is a pious bond, and when you own it all, you know you have the power to get along every relationship in the world. 

Beneath the worldly pressure, Ruhi was finding something surreal and peaceful to get rid of the negativity from her mind . And it was not her parents or real life friends, it was her long distance buddies who did everything to cheer up their damsel in distress. Her stress and tension flew  away whenever she talked to her buddies who are still available for her. Not that she wanted attention, it was the love that she was showered with. She started believing that these friends of hers were the greatest blessings graced upon her by the god. 

Amongst a lot of friends, she found a few friends to be her soul sisters. She played to be the friend, mother, sister and everything that we wish for in our life. She cherishes these beautiful relationships which are showered upon her. The best thing being that the tag given to her is still respected despite the reason  that people are busy in their own life. Still, they have respect for her, and it is the least that she can expect. Ruhi considers herself very lucky that she has got an ample of friends who care for her, respect her and love her for who she is. 

Usually, people believe that distance breaks the relationship, but that’s not true. A relationship breaks when the people in the relationship are not dedicated, be it a long distance relation or the real relationship, it breaks if not given enough space, time and effort. Ruhi has been lucky though, she has a lot of long distance friends, who always encourage her, love her and most importantly, they accept her as she is. The pretty girl is content and  it’s this time that she realises an important lesson in life. No matter, she sits alone, she is happy with her stories, their characters and her friends. 

A friend is the only relationship that has every aspect of the relationship that humans expect from different people. If we have a true friend, we don’t need to look up to different people, if we have some  good friends in our life, we are blessed. Ruhi started believing it when she felt her friends believe her more than she believes herself. She feels that it isn’t right, but her friends convince her that they believe her and that she should do the same. Getting so much love, Ruhi is enthralled and she doesn’t want to lose these precious friendships. She feels lucky that she chose them as a part of her life. She feels the phrase that “Friends are your chosen family” is true in her case. 

She is indeed blessed. She seemed to be older to them or of same age to some of her friends. But, the love, the care and the respext never diminished. They got busy in their lives, some got busy in schools, colleges, some in jobs, but they never left hands. They all try  to keep in touch, and this is what makes Ruhi happy. Distance doesn’t matter between them, all what, they care about was their love for each other. There are days when they don’t talk to each other, but they do keep every detail about each other. They surely hold each other’s back. One comes with problems, other one gives the solution. When one is sad, others try to cheer them up, one gets down on health and the others pray for the former’s wellbeing and this is how they lead their friendship. This is nothing, but Pure Love. 

 Ruhi has got disguised blessings in the  form of her pen pals or say long distance friends. She shares anything  and everything with them, and expect the same from her friends. There is nothing hideous between Ruhi and her friends , she believes so. She can tell them everything, which she can’t share with her parents. Ruhi thinks and she is elated to get a special friend in Angel, her all time best friend. 

Angel and Ruhi share a beautiful bond of friendship. They are bonded in a way that one can understand that something is bothering the other. They talk often but they bear the secrets of each other. They share anything and everything. Yeah, they haven’t met, but they share a bond of soul, a heartfelt bond. Even Ruhi’s mom knows that she has Some friends who send her gifts, with whom she chats, but she doesn’t know the fact that her friends know more about her than her mother does. 

She doesn’t have only one, but a group of friends who believe her more than she does. They always try to boost her up. Well, she has been an important part of their life as well. She’s been the kind who bugs them and pushes them to do better than they do. And this is what, that keeps Ruhi and her four special friends connected. They are utterly important to her and she makes sure, she is equating her time to all her friends and it makes the life easier.

Ruhi might not have friends near her, but she surely has a few gems for life, on whom she can rely and look at during the difficult times. 

Love is never about hugs, kisses and romance, always. One of the most pious bonds of love is friendship. When you have a friend in the other person, life becomes a lot easier. A friend loves you, takes care of you, scolds you and comforts you as well. A friend is a family that we select, that’s a boon graced upon us by the god,and we should surely get benefitted by it. 

“Where there is friendship, there is love.” 
“Friendship is a relationship beyond the concept of give and take.” 

Friendship is a tale of love that lasts longer, throughout your life. Let’s make friends and spread love. 

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