Memories stirring in my heart,
I long to meet him before I depart.
Will my silent pleas reach the sky? 
Or leave this world without a goodbye?
Stars above witness my heart’s cries,
As I lay on the bed with closed eyes

~ Dear Lord, why me?

Softly, my lips whisper,
Tears cascade like a sombre river.
Yet, as always, there is no answer,
And there it grins, my cancer,
Making me feel helpless and low,
Did I deserve this harsh blow? 

~Wondering, is this my age to depart

I quickly replace my cynic thoughts 
with hope, untying my mind of knots.
With closed eyes, lost in repose, 
A gentle touch revives me, and I arose.
He stands there, a smile on his face, 
“You’re not going anywhere,” he says with grace.


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