Lost Childhood

Lost Childhood

He maunders  in the corners 
of the room, filled with ennui.
Sometimes sitting on an empty  bench 
Sometimes gazing  out of the window

Nudging his tie, playing with his fingers
His eyes roved from one parent to the next.
Longing for the bliss he never had.

Parents sat with their kids close,
On wooden benches placed in rows
Chatters and chuckles filled the air.
Some bent over the report cards 
While some cuddled and kissed their kids.

A mother, at one table, pulling  out 
a chocolate from her purse, fondly gives 
it to her son, who gobbles it at once.
While a father straightens his son’s tie.

For him the session seemed like
An ant crawling across a  hill.
Taking out a lunch box from his satchel
Languidly nibbles the leftovers.

There in front a father and the teacher
Nod at a child’s score with concern
While the mother pats the child’s back.

Laughing, chatting and caressing 
The parents leave the class room
Cards proudly held in their hands, waving.
Loud “goodbyes” and “see you soon”
Add to the chaotic air. 

Then walks in a lady with curly hair 
and with a gesture of her hands    
Summons him to the teacher’s desk.  
Opening a card in front of him
Curtly talks forcing a smile. 
Till now he felt he was invisible
Looks on with a blank face. 
Flipping close the report card,
Tucks it in his satchel, guides him out   
To go home to his old nanny. 
The only one who would eagerly   
Read his card and hug him tight.
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