Lost Forever

Lost Forever

On a windy breezy day we planned to go out, 
To the local fair we had heard so much about.
As we made our way through the huge crowd,
I looked back and could not see you around.
I was frozen and numb with fear,
“Where are you Grandpa dear!”
I tried to scream and make a move,
But somehow there was little I could do.
I closed my eyes and tried to breathe,
My pacing heart seemed ,away it would give.
At that moment I felt a push too hard,
I opened my eyes and was suddenly startled.
A bad dream and nothing else it was,
But the reality was so much worse.
I looked around with sadness and heartache,
As the lifeless body of my grandfather lay.
It was time to bid a sad adieu,
It was time to let go of his hand under the blue.
The happy eyes and open arms to welcome me,
Were lost to me for eternity!
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