My frantic eyes searched all around, where could she be – my little girl.
Just a moment ago, she was tagging along besides me
Dragging her feet, humming a song, lost in her thoughts
Somewhere along the market bylanes, I had lost her, misplaced my little human.

A sea of people moving about, yet my life had come to a standstill.
My feet automatically trace back the route we had taken
My mouth voicing pleas to whoever was ready to listen
‘Did you see a little girl, my baby??? She was with me a second ago and yet I can’t find her now…please anybody????’
A myriad of emotions I see in the eyes around me – horror, pity, blame, indifference, empathy and more

Numb with shock, I scramble in random directions until my feet collapse
My lips start mumbling a desperate litany of ‘Please God, please’
Time stood still, all meaning ceased  until I heard a lady say ‘Is she in a Mickey mouse dress, I saw her a few blocks down’
I nodded too overwhelmed. She grabbed my hand and together we ran.

Mommmmy’ Her wails sound like music to my ears.
Where did you go ?? Why did you leave me?? 
Her questions felt like a soothing balm to my aching heart.
I thanked God and turned to the lady, but she had disappeared. 
Often I think of her, and keep her in my prayers, the angel in a saree who led me back to my daughter.

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