Love Aajkal

Love Aajkal

Sihi was in a hurry to reach the office, when suddenly while driving her car she heard someone demanding a romantic song on the radio. The Jockey on the other side, with his fascinating voice, was playing the favourites of the audience one by one. The day went hectic and Sihi was tired, and while returning back home she recalled the morning demands on radio and the voice behind. She couldn’t sleep all night. The next day, she woke up with enthusiasm to leave for the office.

While driving, she switched on the radio and put the same station, hoping for the same show to be going on, and there came the number. Sihi immediately dialled the number. “Good morningggg Mumbai, today we have on the line someone who would want us to play a song for someone special, let’s hear it frommmm…?” in her shivering voice she replied, “Hi Sihi this side, please play any romantic song you’d like for me?” Confused the Jockey said, “Okay ma’am and who do you want to dedicate this song to?”, “You” she replied and immediately disconnected the call. 

Days were passing by, Sihi was enjoying her romantic requests one after the other. Then there came a day, her mother fell sick. Rushing to the hospital, there was no request for a song today. The next morning, while commuting to work, she heard the Jockey play one of her favourite songs dedicating it to her. Shocked and surprised, she couldn’t wait to find out who it was. Next day again someone played a song for her, and she immediately called and asked who had been playing the songs for her. “Rohit this side” sounded like the most mesmerizing words she had ever heard. Her heart raced, she froze and went mute, she couldn’t believe that the person she had been dedicating all those romantic songs, was playing his favourite ones to her. “Sihi..Sihi.. I know how every day you requested to play romantic songs for me.

Last Saturday when I didn’t receive your call, I couldn’t stay regular and called your number. Your mother told me that she was sick, and you’d gone out to get some medicines. The next day again, there was no request from you, so I started playing songs dedicating them to you.” Sihi was speechless, in her sighed voice she conveyed her yes to him. Next morning, Rohit proposed her over the radio, the whole world, behind, was listening what was going on the radio that day, a love story that began with a request to play a romantic song has come to end with a romantic proposal on the radio.

And that started more silly yet romantic proposals over the radio.

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