Love Beyond Time and Space

Love Beyond Time and Space

He gave a cursory glance to the data on the screen, cross-checking the list. 

He had to undergo a lot of training, but come what may, he had to make his solo trip to the Earth.

Everyone marvelled at Cito’s motivation to undergo such expensive propagation. That too for going to earth. The most polluted planet where filth and stench lingered in the atmosphere. 

But for Cito, something called tear which dropped from eyes, something called love which emanated from heart, spurred him to go to Earth.

A few years back, he was leading an expedition to Circinus galaxy. They had to make an emergency landing on Milky Way. By chance the planet they landed was Earth. And there, Cito met her. 

He discovered something beating inside him, something pounding, which she told was his heartbeat…

It had some kind of music of its own. It wasn’t like a drum beating. It wasn’t like strings playing… But there was something flowing like a rhythmic fountain, bringing some kind of joy, which she called love…

He had never felt the beats before. It was probably the electromagnetic field of the planet which made something thump inside, his perspicacious brain cells tried to convince. But she insisted on something called heart.

Cito tightened his seat belt. The cabin was now illuminated by light emanating from the LCD on the wall, showing the map to the planet Earth.

Bidding farewell to his buddies, Cito set off for his solo space trip, to the land of love, the land where heart beats and tears drop. But people on his planet did not understand this. 

“They don’t have a heart to understand this.” He once told her when she found his people ruthless.

“But what about you? How come you have a heart and they don’t when you belong to the same breed?” She questioned.

Cito was perplexed. He had no answer. He felt the heartbeat so he did have a heart! But why his breed did not have a heart?

However, she knew. “Cito, you have a heart and so do your people. But you have one thing which they don’t have and that’s the reason only you can feel and hear your heartbeat while they can’t.”

“And what can that be?” Asked Cito.


Now this was a word Cito was hearing for the first time. He had traveled several galaxies, visited many planets but had never heard of compassion. Probably this made the humans more humane. 

Cito inhaled deeply thinking of her and ignited the engine. With a blazing speed, he made his way towards the Earth.

She was right there, under the tree where they would sit together. This time she was accompanied by their little baby. 

She smiled when she saw him. The baby craned her neck too, as though looking for something lost. 

“Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” Cito hugged them as tears of joy rolled down his eyes. 

Finally, he had something she called family!

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