Love Diaries—Beyond Fifty Shades

Love Diaries—Beyond Fifty Shades

Mon Amour! My world revolves around you. The universe does conspire matters of love in rather strange ways, don’t you agree?

Well! Our relationship had a rough start. You were a heartthrob—very popular among my college friends. They liked to hang out with you in between lectures. But you see, I used to feel you were a trickster, who lured everyone with your pleasing traits. So I preferred to stay away from your entrapments. There were times when I had neglected you completely despite your earnest advancements. I would unapologetically watch your fiery passion sink deep down an abysmal well and turn cold—dead cold. Hmm! But love is sweeter when one doesn’t give in easily, ain’t it?

The wise say love can seep inside the toughest hearts in seemingly tender ways. And that became true in my case…

It all began one chilly day in November. My semester exam results were announced the previous day and I had failed miserably in most of the subjects. I stayed aloof during the lunch break. To make matters worse my parents had cut off my funds drastically. The cash in my once hefty wallet had dwindled to a few coins. I was hungry—craving soulful food and attention. My so-called friends did not come to cheer me up. That was when you came to my rescue in the most humble avatar. I began my monologues with you, in between my sobs. You listened to me patiently lending an ear to everything I had to say. And after that day my opinion of you changed and I understood your true nature. 

I hung out with you secretly even during lectures. I constantly yearned for your presence. You became my soulmate. The world came to a standstill whenever you were with me. Your fragrance titillated my senses. Every morning, I woke up, longing for you. My nights were turning sleepless too. My lips yearned for our hot encounters. 

And…things got steamier when I was introduced to your darker shades. It spiced up things for me and I was always on a high.

Most were against our relationship. They claimed that it was getting unhealthy because of the frequent meetings and suggested that I avoid you completely. Heartless people! How could they understand the bond we shared?

However, one unfortunate day, I had to visit the ER due to severe abdominal pain. The doctors gave me a lot of meds and suggested that I avoid you. Due to parental pressure, I avoided you for a few days. But in your absence, separation blues set in. Notwithstanding my plight, and understanding that the benefits outweighed the risks, I was allowed to have you in moderation. 

Well! My stomach ulcers took their time to heal. Despite everything that had happened, I stuck to you—your fifty shades of brown and beyond. My love for you won over everything else. Dear Coffee!  I’m your hopeless addict. Mon Amour! My world revolves around you.
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4 thoughts on “Love Diaries—Beyond Fifty Shades

  1. Everything about this is a delight – the title, and the story itself! The reveal at the end was absolutely hilarious. It was really well done; I didn’t guess it in my first read, but re-reading the story with the true identity of the narrator’s beloved in mind, it makes perfect sense. Beginning the romance in college is an accurate reflection of many people’s coffee-journeys!

  2. I did not see the ending coming at all! It was wonderful to read the progression of the relationship, and the humour aspect in the reveal was very well done. I really enjoyed the reveal!

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