Love is Love- A Meeting With Alan Turing

Love is Love- A Meeting With Alan Turing

Pride March 2023: London, United Kingdom

I was in this march- not because I was a member of the LGBTQ Community, but because of Turing. Alan Turing. Ever since I heard his story and How he committed suicide by eating a poisoned apple, Empathy awakened within me, and I began to sympathise with the community. There I was- waving the Flag with Joy and Anger. 

And then I saw him. At first faintly, then becoming clearer and clearer.

Was it really him? Was it really the person who got me here? 

Yes! It was! It was Alan Turing himself. Well, not him- a ghost. I had never believed in ghosts, but it was time to start believing in them.

“Where am I?” Asked Turing, “Why are you waving pride flags? Isn’t being gay illegal?”

“Come march with me,” I replied, “I will explain on the way.”

Without any hesitation, Turing began to march beside me.

“You are in London in 2023. We are celebrating pride month.” I replied.

“Pride… month? What is that?” asked Turing.

“Pride month,” I continue, “Is June! We celebrate the LGBTQ Heros, Like you, and their contribution to society!” 

“Really? So now being Gay is legal across the World?” Queried Turing.

“Well, no,” I replied, “that is the other part of pride month when we try to help the conditions of the LGBTQ community in the rest of the World. For example, The Middle East.”

“What is happing there?” asked Turing.

“Well,” I replied, my voice taking a sombre turn, “you get killed.”

“Just The Middle East?” Queried Turing.

“Well no, it is. There are many other nations. We are hoping that one day,” I said, “being part of the LGBTQ community will be legal everywhere!”

“Oh, why is it an issue to love and be who you want?” Said Turing, his voice turning angry, “I ended my life because of it! Because I couldn’t love freely!”

“Turing,” I replied, “it stems from people’s mindsets. They fear what they aren’t accustomed to! But there is nothing wrong with being a member of the LGBTQ Community!

“These people,” I continued, “Are fighting for the right to love whom they want, be whom they want! And you are their hero! There is change! One day, people will love who they want and be who they want. We’re fighting to expedite that day’s arrival!

“Okay,” said Turing, “I am glad that there is change, but there isn’t enough! I am long dead, but I have one request for you, help the day come! The day when people can love freely and be their true selves.

“Mr. Turing,” I replied, “You know that I will!”

As soon as I said this, Alan Turing disappeared. And I continued to march, knowing that I was actively helping the day come.

After talking to Turing, I gained full confidence that I was doing the right thing- that I was helping the day come- the day when people can finally be their true selves!


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One thought on “Love is Love- A Meeting With Alan Turing

  1. It’s such a different take on the prompt. And what imagination for a young mind. Conversations are well penned, and the prompt has been well adhered to. Plus, a variety of subjects have been covered in a limited number of words. Language and grammar are perfect, good job.

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