Love of Innocence

Love of Innocence

‘Don’t know when these filthy creatures will leave our society’ said Mr. Roy to his friends. They agreed with him and decided to call for a meeting at the community hall to end up their ceaseless trouble. In the meeting every member came to a decision of removing dogs from their Estate.

It was a dark, stormy night and according to the plan the committee members hired a few local boys to remove all the dogs but of course secretly. Local boys entered through the back gate and started their mission. It was already a stormy night and heavy rainfall started as if to help the executioner. It was the worst moment for all the dogs of Lovedale Estate. Their legs and mouth were tired with thick ropes and were thrown into a truck. There were too much of commotion but heavy rain and thunders covered their entire cry. ‘Oh! What a peaceful night it is, what do you say Banerjee’ asked Mr. Roy. Mr. Banerjee and Mr. Chatterjee smiled and nodded their head.

Every morning Doll gave biscuits to the local dogs but that morning no one turned up expect one, Queen. Doll was surprised. She asked everyone and looked at every corner but couldn’t find anyone. Queen was the mother of four puppies. She was away in search of food so they couldn’t catch her but her puppies were taken away. Doll informed her parents and few local people. They went to the police station but nothing fruitful happened. It was a very mournful day for the dog lovers and a party time for the haters.

Few weeks passed. Once again it was a dark, stormy night like that dreadful night. It was raining heavily along with thunderstorms and power was cut. On that very hour Mr. Roy’s teenaged daughter, Rai returned from her hostel and it was a surprise for her parents. Due to heavy rainfall there was water logged except the place where Queen took a shelter. Rai’s mobile had no balance so couldn’t contact anyone. She was scared, helpless and puzzled didn’t know what to do then she heard a bark. She pointed her mobile torch towards that direction and found Queen. She was relieved to see a dog and slowly went and stood beside her. Queen moved little from the shed for Rai to stand comfortably. Rai was scared but to make her feel comfortable Queen wagged her tail and sometimes made friendly gestures.

After couple of hours the rain stopped and Rai went to her house. Her parents were shocked to see her and asked what she was doing in that dreadful moment. Rai smartly said about Queen and also said how she cared for her in those dangerous hours. Mr. Roy looked outside and found Queen sleeping peacefully under the shed and wished to thank her but felt ashamed of what he did with her puppies. He then asked Rai to give some biscuits to Queen as a token of appreciation.    


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