Love That Never Was

Love That Never Was

How silently that night, from me you walked away
Leaving my soul burdened with a thousand things to say,
Voluptuous rosy lips for once, fumbled in vain to speak
How could a love so true, slip away from a grip apparently so weak!

If only the tear stained pillow could say it all
How my dreams came shattering down the wall,
Every night the whispering winds would hold
Memories of love that remained untold!

If only the yellowed pages of my diary could tell
That a dry pressed rose was happier than breathing in hell,
Every night my  quill still makes an effort to bleed
Alas! These words of love you may never heed!

If only the flickering light of my soul could reveal
How many broken dreams got charred with the loss to deal,
Every patch of the tattered curtains now hide my scars,
I flinch and close my eyes when I catch a glimpse of the stars!

As a lover once, you gave me illustrious reasons to love and smile,
Your partition left me miserable, all joys strutted away in style,
Illusive vows of togetherness, baseless promises of forever, 
Infinitely corroded my trust of loving someone more than myself ever!
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