Love Yourself, Live Yourself

Love Yourself, Live Yourself

Life is not a bed of roses
It hurts to love sometimes, it really does.
Because, maybe, you love the person more than the life itself.
It avenges its importance from you and makes you understand what it means,
And the importance of being you. 
It is important to have those daily conversations with no one but you!
Because, it has always happened, that you came back to your own self, though always late! 
It’s you who blamed the fate,
Not that there was no way out to save yourself,
It’s just the realization, that knocked at your door, a bit late. 
But the good part about life is, it always stands by you knowing, you will as always be late. 
Have the conversations with yourself, DON’T be late!
Feel yourself, love your beliefs and do whatever it takes,
To feel alive, be happy and free of your own shackles,
Because it is you who has been through all those hassles, and who has to break-free to move out.
Love the life you have, converse with yourself, to make you happy and proud.  


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