“Hey, I’m bored sleeping in this box.  Tell me about the outside world.  You just came in,” said Mangal.

“Just? I’ve been here for two days!” Exclaimed Anguthi.

“That’s not long.  I’ve been here since three years.  This is my permanent address,” wailed Mangal.  “I seldom get to experience fresh air and sunlight.  Ugh. I feel so suffocated.”

“I used to be a part of her until that fateful day, when everything changed.”

“You are lucky. I was with her only initially.  I was her pride, made up of uncut diamonds placed in the centre of a string of black beads.  He had placed me lovingly on her neck.  Life was beautiful then.”

“I too was a piece of envy for others, I was slid onto her slender finger by him with much pomp and show.  I was called “Solitaire”.  She always flaunted me,” prided Anguthi.

“Wearing me regularly is considered outdated. She wears me only on special occasions.  But wearing you is considered a matter of pride,” envied Mangal.

“That’s true.  But she no longer wears me.  Once she caught him with his ex in a café.  Heated arguments followed and she removed me and placed in this box.  Now I am waiting for the next move with crossed fingers.”

“What do you think?” Inquired Mangal anxiously.

“Well, I hope they are together again. They look great as a couple – match made in heaven.  Their love is indescribable.  They are compatible with each other in every way and their chemistry is mind blowing,” declared Anguthi.

“Then, they just need some time. A separation period of a few days should be enough,” figured Mangal.

“But what about the ex?” How can she forget that they were together?”

“There can be many reasons for that.  They might have casually met there. Or they might have met through business associates.  I am sure he is sorry about it, though we can’t jump to conclusions” exclaimed Mangal.

“You seem to be quite matured. You have not seen the world but still you understand humans.  And I had thought you might be like the frog in the well!”

“Never judge a person!  So just wait and watch.  If she comes and picks you, then all is well.  And if she picks both of us, then their love has reached another level.  Sshh.. I think she’s here.”

She opened the box and took Anguthi by its band and caressed its stud.  Then she slowly slid it onto her ring finger.  Anguthi gave a dazzling smile.

Then she pulled Mangal by its string and kissed the pendant, and carefully placed it on her neck. ‘Very special occasion’ thought Mangal.

He looked at the date on the calendar. It was their anniversary.

Both couldn’t help winking and smiling at each other.

Indeed, their love had reached another level.


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  1. A beautiful story. So true, sometimes we need a cooling down period to realize the love we have still hidden in our heart.

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