Love’s Echoing Memories

Love’s Echoing Memories

People will come & go, finding liberty,
Life is a bliss, changing every moment, 
Our love will become a sweet memory.

You arrive in my heart, so gently warm, 
Warming my heart with love, so pure and true. 

You changed my life, embraced vivacity, 
You made me fall in love, embracing me, 
Our love will become a sweet memory.

You’ve blended in my essence, fully. 
Filling my memory with love. 

With time, our love grew deep, beaut & classy, 
I immersed myself in deep compassion,
Our love will become a sweet memory.

Blended with my soul, a peaceful whole,
You love me with passion. 

You’re a handsome, chic, sauve & loving guy,
Our love is beautifully carved, soulful,
Our love will become a sweet memory.

Your love is  pure and sauve, 
drawing me to plumb the depths of your soul.

My eyes settle for nothing less than you, 
You’re my calm in the chaotic world, soon,
Our love will become a sweet memory. 

You’ve defined love in a beautiful way, 
Sharing unconditional love, & cheering
You’ve brought me passion, essence & empathy, 
Our love will become a sweet memory.
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4 thoughts on “Love’s Echoing Memories

  1. Hello! I like your poem, and it’s soul.. but one thing I want to say is, there is repetition of few words again and again…
    P.S. I am not an expert, and you or others, might disagree with my opinion!

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