Lust for Love

Lust for Love

Stories hidden in her swaying hair,
Face like a rose, charming and fair;
But deep eyes yelled out her despair
Staring blank at a walking pair,
She’s lost.

She’s lost, pensively lost in love,
Wishing for someone who thereof 
Never did question her whereof,
Someone to hold her like a dove,

Tender-like, for no one ever
Was gentle, calm, easy on her.
She was paid, laid down with pressure
As a last resort for pleasure,
Her job!

Her job, no way for escapade
But she longed for a welcome shade,
Someone who read her words unsaid
To walk along the esplanade,

Down her breath, she lives in this hope
Her present, she denies to cope
For someday she will elope
With her love and dance on the top
Of world.
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