Lux in Tenebris

Lux in Tenebris

Of all my wanderings
I only remember-
Jagged moons on the hills,
A scattering of stars,
And faint whispers of nights
In valleys filled with snow.

Sometimes I recollect
Sudden bursts of bright dawns,
The sweeping arrival
Of the momentous sun,
The last breath of winter
On lonesome peaks afar.

Now thunderous clouds roll
Into the dim distance
Of the creeping darkness
And the heavens begin
To cry, as tears of rain
Fall from the dying sky.

I sit all by myself
In a shriveled garden
Where seasons have vanished.
Neither spring nor autumn,
Neither flowers nor fruits,
Grace the passage of time.

The long years turn to dust
Twilight fades and grows faint
The foretold hour draws near
In the far distance chimes
The dreadful bells of gloom-
Soon the clock too will stop.

But when the night takes me
To lands beyond shadows
Of this life and that death;
I hope I shall awake
Somewhere my soul shall leap
With joy at journey’s end.

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