A person who genuinely cares for you,
Someone who will accept you irrespective of what you are,
A someone who will scold you when you are wrong,
But will never stop loving you inspite of the odds.

Whose hand you can hold all your life,
To whom you will always remain a kid,
Childhood memories of her and you always has a special place in your heart,
Something you will never forget even when you grow up.

She taught you how to walk, talk and be responsible,
But still considers you to be an irresponsible brat,
She is someone who didn’t sleep all night just because you were unwell,
After scolding you she was the only one who cried alone in guilt.

One person who loves you irrevocably and to whom you mean the world to,
Someone who gave birth to you after taking so much pain,
She who seeing you for the first time felt happiness like never before,
Someone whose eyes brightened up seeing you go to school for the very first time.

Someone who was happier on seeing your board results than you yourself,
As if it was a battle she won,
One person who shed tears while you went off to college,
But still waved a good-bye with a smiling face.

The one person who was extremely joyous when you received a job offer,
The news of your first salary is what made her feel successful,
Someone who had an ear to ear smile when you got your first promotion,
A person who was really contented when you bought your own house and car.

A hand that put your hands into someone else’s when you were getting married,
The first person who you called when you conceived,
Someone who kept awake all night taking care of you,
The care she had for you, you realized on becoming a mother!

So, let’s take this occasion and congratulate all mothers!
Happy mothers Day, everyone!


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