Madhu-Mani Divine Decree

Madhu-Mani Divine Decree

Three decades ago, Madhu in 20s met 50s mother
Mani, mother with empty nest, a quintessential nurturer

Each with unique tale, rollercoaster journey to share
Lawyer Madhu was single parent to son she would rear
Mani’s husband, a gregarious doctor with cancer did care
wanted wife to have connects beyond family glare

Relationship turned to mother-daughter bond 
Older woman after loss of spouse leaned on
Younger felt nurturing, camaraderie, comfort from

Ageing Mani was isolated, alienated in older age
By family’s cyclical material, emotional, social race
Lonely, dispensable, ignored, missed warmth embrace

Women in kinship became stronger friends in grace
ceasing walks to temple, gardens slowing with age
Be it bank, shopping, advise, comfort, small crease
younger Madhu was rock of solace in the increase

Time came for comatose octogenarian Mani to shed
She missed young buddy Madhu living farther ahead
Final visit, words from grieving younger set older free
Life-lived is richer, thanks to philia, a divine decree


Rupa Rao’s romance is evolving, credit to her inspiring father who was a voracious reader, writer, doctor, lawyer. leader, with a dazzling sense of wit, humour, charm and warmth. Mother’s cheerleading encouraged her to be all she is, and her twins are the reason she wants to grow each day to be a better version of self.
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