Magicae Domum

Magicae Domum

Magic is what we also make. The shackles of factions we will break,” roared the fuming mob of goblins and elves. They have had enough of being shadowed by the wizards and witches. Their part in the supernatural world was turned a blind eye at. A horde of more than twelve thousand creatures were on the streets of Magicae Domum with demands of equality. Being lead by goblin right activist Colere Girth Erold, they were mighty!

2 weeks later

“This is futile! We need an assertive and audacious approach,” boomed a furious elf accompanied by hollers of affirmation. 

“This is not enough to compass the society towards justice”, “We cannot accomplish our goal like this,” were a few more opinions thrown at the activist. 

Colere stood composedly, the corners of his lips upturned by the enthusiasm possessed by the youth of his kind. “Enough! We are not executing or mounting any aggressive and rash fuss,” contended   Colere. “From tomorrow, we will not attend our work places, so that everybody else becomes conscious to our critical role in the society,” he affirmed.

The said orders were put into practice; the protestors all skipped work. Within an hour there was a lot of hullabaloo in ‘Magicae Domum’. The absenteeism of the elves and goblins could be pawed at. All banks and financial companies were in a state of turmoil because of the lack of goblins. Christmas knocking at the door, while the elves were on a strike just fanned the flame. Never in a million years did the receivers of this destructive anger think they would have had to face something as impactful as this.

Another month passed

As the disorganization of the magical world could not be handled anymore, Electi Atrio decided to take notice of the matter. A court session was announced. Both the parties had to send one representative each. The dissidents had sent Colere while the sorcerers appointed Gordian Magnus Hernandez, a proficient in magical laws and studies. It was sure that the hearing was going to be intricate and knotty. Both sides had gridded up their lions to face what was to come. The ride was going to be bumpy and long……

Court hearing 

“We are part of the same society, doing our best to serve it! Then why are we being exploited, manipulated and misused! We want an end to this discrimination; we deserve an end to this!” vociferated Colere, silencing the whole room by uncloaking the shunned reality. He had lost his calm when Gordian accused his race of demanding undeserving privileges. 

Electi Atrio passes the verdict in favor of elves and goblins. All laws and articles stating injustice towards them have been repealed. The judgment has been passed without prejudice and with full honesty .The case has been closed. There will be no further court proceedings related to the matter. The court is dismissed,”pronounced the judge in a monotone voice causing cheers to erupt throughout Magicae Domum.’

  1. Magicae Domum– latin for magic house.
  2. Electi Atrio– Latin for chosen Atrium

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