Male and Female; Both Genders Deserve Equality

Male and Female; Both Genders Deserve Equality

“Priya, the porridge is ready. I will get that to you on the bed only?”

“No Mummy, I am coming. I am feeling better now”, said Priya.

Priya had just returned from the hospital; she had delivered a baby girl three days back. Though it was a normal delivery, Priya had little pain in her episiotomy stitches.

“Na beta. You shall take rest. It has been just three days and you need to take care of yourself and our little doll”, said Sunita; her mother in law leaving a peck on newborn’s cheek.

Sandeep, Priya’s husband entered the room, kissed the baby on forehead and left the room after saying good bye to Priya. “Ok Mumma, I am leaving for office”, he quipped.

“Wait Sandeep, I think you shall take few days leave from office, anyways paternity leave is offered in all the corporate offices nowadays”, questioned Sunita. She looked at his clueless face and continued,

“Look, Priya is now in a state of mental and physical stress. Though I am there for her, no one can replace a husband’s presence and love”.


“Really mom, you are right. Its great to spend some special moments with you all, with my tiny tot”, replied a beaming Sandeep.

“Sandeep, you know, I feel Priya does so much for us and we wish that she shall be good with us , be a part of our family. But its our duty to respect her presence and her situation. For me you and her are equal. Just like you need attention during your low health or depressed mental phase, she too deserves complete attention”

Sandeep couldn’t thank her more; a lady with such high thinking.


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