Match Point

Match Point

Fear and shame engulfed him – Sanket fought back tears when few of his classmates teased him, called him a ‘failure’!

The graph of Sanket’s academic performance was drastically going down of late. And the only reason was his undying love for his favourite sport- Badminton!! All his effort, energy, attention and dedication was for nothing but this game.

He was a pro at it and already won accolades in numerous competitions, at various levels. Unfortunately, his rackets couldn’t fetch him a promotion to the next class though!  

As he reached home, Sanket didn’t know how to face his parents.

Few odd weird thoughts did cross his mind – to run away or to take some extreme steps… but he didn’t, he couldn’t. 

He mustered the courage to show his Report Card to his parents, to let them know about his failure. 

Sanket began, “ Mom, Dad… my Report Card..” He couldn’t say more. His voice choked, eyes became blurred. He held out the result to his parents, ready for the consequences. 

Both his parents quietly sat next to him. His father took the Report Card from his hands and kept it on the table. Then he did something that was probably least expected. 

Taking Sanket’s hand in his own, he said, “ Son, we know what a painful burden you’re carrying on your little shoulders today. Your teacher had called up and shared everything even before you reached home. 

It’s true that initially, we were utterly shocked and upset; angrily waiting for your return, to teach you a lesson for life… Your mother was in tears; I wondered what to do next when suddenly my eyes fell on that photograph of yours kept on your study-table. 

I still remember it was clicked on the first day when you joined your kindergarten. Such a treasured moment it was! It’s not a picture, Sanket, it’s our dream that was captured that day. A dream that our son would do well in life, in academics, in sports… we wanted our son to be an all-rounder, the best in everything! And in the process, somewhere we forgot that our child, that tiny little blob of flesh and blood also has his own preferences and passion, likes and dislikes, abilities and challenges… we forgot that you’re not here just to fulfil our dreams but live your dreams too …

It was our mistake son, and we’ll correct it together now- you and us, as a team this time! If badminton it is, then so be it. Promise us that you’ll give your 100% to excel in that and we’ll provide you with the best coaching possible. As for academics, we know that you can’t be the best but you have to put in your best effort to score the minimum qualifying marks at the least. Deal? 

Let the dawn of tomorrow bring in a new ray of hope for us, son and we’ll write a chapter together, afresh!!”
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  1. Peak of a crisis, which the central character faces and can’t avert, may be taken, as synonymous to the prompt. End message may be a ray of hope in favor of the character. From this point of view, the story misses something.

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