Memoir of My Homeland

Memoir of My Homeland

You made me laugh, you made me cry,
Piercing my heart, memories of the rift
Still I can’t bid you goodbye.

The evening landscape and the morning sky,
The hilly roads somewhere right somewhere left
Fragrance of river wind made me heaved a long sigh.

I cannot wind up here anymore, whatever  I try
I long for a glorious life, but still missing the nature’s gift
The mere thought of my childhood makes me cry.

A cool, crisp evening with friends, where stars fill the night up high
The delicacies made by Mom and thrill with Dad on river raft
I still relish the peaceful aura and perching birds in the sky.

Now, I wander alone as a cloud floating on hill so high
And missing those faces cheerful and bright
Old memories flash and fill pleasure in my heart and eyes.

But, I promise, I will return again to see those floating butterfly
Piercing my heart, memories of rift
You made me laugh, you made me cry
Still, I can’t bid you goodbye.
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