On the clothesline of life
I hung out several 
Memories to air, dry. 
Some dripped over, sodden,
While the others billowed 
Gaily in the warm breeze.

A fistful of naughty 
Antics, a multitude
Of childhood pranks, capers;
Swished, freely cavorted
Together prancing to 
A life enriched with love.

The sweet memories bunched
Together, clustering
Around a peg much like
Family during the
Weddings and christenings
And family vacays.

Bitter remembrances
Like obsidian clouds, 
Portending naked strife
Blew ominously dark
Threatening to engulf
Happiness and content.

I recall how in the
Blushing spring of my life
lovers and friends had come. 
Some stayed, while others left
But what always remained
Were their fond memories.

These memories sculpted 
My life, gave it meaning.
The reminisces are all
That I have left today
In the cold winter of 
My life, when all is gone.

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