“We will have to dismantle our tree house nestled on our oak tree,” declared Mr.Smith on the breakfast table.  

Baffled, sixteen-year-old Mini questioned, “But why, dad?” 

“According to Mrs. Briganza, our treehouse obstructs sunlight from entering into her backyard, and her plants suffer.” explained Mr.Smith.   

Mini frowned, “The ever-complaining neighbour!” 

Mr.Smith reasoned, “It’s Ok.  I don’t think you have stepped onto it for years.”

“I want to preserve the treehouse and its sweet memories,” exclaimed Mini.

Mini called her thirteen-year-old brother Jim, and they both climbed up to the treehouse.  

She looked around the tiny space. It was intact and untouched, as she had left it years ago.  There was a rack with small toys and a big basket which had many dolls and cars. 

Mini looked at the kitchen set.  She reminisced the countless afternoons which she had spent with her friends and sometimes with little Jim. 

She picked the pink doll from the basket and caressed its hair, “I used to dress her up with new clothes and give her a new hairstyle every day.  She was like a baby to me!”

Jim asked mockingly, “How could you forget your baby for so many years?”

Mini gave him a glaring stare and placed the doll back.

She picked a small wooden bat and turned towards Jim, “Remember? We used to play cricket here in our summer hols?”

“I very well remember how you could never score any runs. I always used to win,’ laughed Jim.

Mini looked at him irritatingly.

She sat on the floor and said, “We used to spend hours here!  This was like a paradise.  How can I let this be pulled down? All my memories will be gone forever.”

Jim joked, “Let’s click some pictures of this place. Then your memories will not be gone forever.”

Mini fumed, “Jim, I called you here so that we can relive some of our childhood memories.  This treehouse will no longer exist.  Only its memories will remain.” 

Mr.Smith entered the treehouse and overheard Mini.

He stated, “Seems you are quite attached, Mini.” 

By now Mrs.Smith had entered, “I just came to check what are you all doing here?”

Mr.Smith continued, “I will try to convince Mrs.Briganza.  Hopefully, she should agree.”

Mini and Jim jumped with joy, “Hurray! Thank you, dad. Our treehouse will stay!”


Everybody was still.

Mini asked, “Have all four of us ever been here together?”

Creak. Creak.

The treehouse couldn’t bear the weight and it crumbled down! 

Thud. Thud. Thud.

They got up amidst toys and debris of wood.  The unattended lawn and the fact that the treehouse was not built on a great height, saved them.  Though some minor bruises were obvious.


Anticipating new memories to be built, Mini climbed the newly constructed big and sturdy treehouse.  She opened its lone window and saw Mrs.Briganza in her backyard shifting small pots to the other side where there was decent sunlight. 

As they waved at each other, Mini smiled and half-shouted, “Thank you!”
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