Men in Blue

Men in Blue

Men in blue, keep your eyes on the goal
The World Cup, not the football goal.
Crores of Indians world over will pray
You are the predator, others’ the prey. 
Devise the game plan piece by piece
Face adversity, maintain your peace.
Tired and hurt your hands, legs and sole
Give your best, happy will be your soul.
Nine other teams you have to beat
Once the Cup’s home you can be beat.
Victorious visions, have been seen
Time to recreate a similar scene.
We are invincible, the only one
That’s why people will say, India won.
You’ll be wading through humanity’s sea
Bring the Cup home, all would want to see.
Pic credit: WallpaperCave
Author’s note: This is for the next World Cup now.

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